Letter to family, friends, job associates

Dear Family Member, Friend, Associate, Employer or any other concerned person of interest,

What you are about to read is unbelievable, and undeniably true. It is my prayer that you read and understand every word. Because this is the world we now live in. The person that is dealing with this wickedness, needs your understanding, open heart, and most importantly your alliance in standing for what is right, and not turning your back out of fear or unbelief. Because just like it happened to them, this evil could be forced on you, and the help needed then, would be for you.

There is a “very nefarious evil program,” that has been put together to use human beings as Guinea Pigs. These are practicing Satanists, in high governmental places trying to control the population as a whole. They target certain individuals to harass, sabotage, practice and perform witchcraft on, including killing the innocent. They incorporate science, through electromagnetic waves, radiation, cell towers, and a number of other techniques they can use to do and get away with, that is hidden below the radar.

Please note this wickedness has no respect for persons, race, profession, age, or socioeconomic status.  It’s unfortunate but many of our government officials and intelligence agencies are involved, including but not limited to the FBI, CIA, and DHS. There are also many very wealthy corporations involved in the funding. Many who are part of Freemason, Illuminati, Hollywood, Music Industry, the list goes on and on.

What they do is follow the targeted person, there is a severe mind manipulation game being played against the individual as well as the participating people involved in stalking the individual. There is a nefarious way they are able to gain access to the victims mind, and this is in no way a fabrication. Once they gain access to the victims’ mind, the witchcraft games are being played.

Many, many people have experienced this wickedness, and no one has come to their rescue. Attacks vary from person to person, and can be anything from attacks to the body, burning sensations, itching sensations, attacks to the genitalia, anus, forced urination, and defecation. Instant Foul smells to the nostrils, attacks to eyes, from tearing up to itching, stabbing sensations to the heart, to make it seem like your having a heart attack, to attacks from people using devices like cell phones, and because of the extreme electromagnetic field, when energy is directed to a certain area or person, severe traumatic conclusions are the result, whether to the body, or the area in which the directed wickedness is occurring. And yes extreme fatal incidents have occurred because of this wicked practice.

Now if you mix in witchcraft, curses and spells in collusion with this wicked science, you have an extreme evil problem to deal with.

Some victims experienced V2k, which is very similar to what was experienced and reported in the Havana Syndrome, back in 2016-17. V2k is when the victim is able to hear the attacker speaking to them in their mind, what comes next is a series of attacks on their body, some which are extremely unbearable, and very dehumanizing.

Many victims who report the attacks are labeled schizophrenic or some form of mental disorder, and it is very unfortunate, but many have even been mentally institutionalized for periods of time, because of how “The Program” is set up.

Once the mental health professionals are able to document and make people believe that the victim is 51/50, or has some case of mental disposition, now anything these wicked people do to the victim, is backed by the victims sabotaged mental condition, and anything the victim reports “henceforth” is labeled under their sickness, or fabricated medical condition.

I am writing this letter to let you know, there are many people who are put on assignment, and destroy other people’s lives, for no reason at all. I repeat, for no reason at all. This practice has occurred many times in the past, and unfortunately has been very successful at destroying the person, up to and including death, and now it has gotten that much worse. I pray you stand against this evil if it ever comes to your doorstep, even if it gives off an illusion of good, because what is going on behind the scenes as you have read, is more wicked than you will ever know. Thank you for your time, on behalf of the victim, and may God Bless and Keep You, in Jesus name.