The Witchcraft and science

This Beast system has a lot of moving parts, and witchcraft and science are extremely at play.  In Witchcraft, there are many things a witch can do. That is why the Bible says, thou shalt not suffer a witch to live. Exodus 22:18. It also says on Leviticus 20:27, if man or woman hath a familiar spirit, or is a wizard, you are to stone them to death.

Now in this present day and time, stoning or killing is not allowed in most countries, so you MUST WAR in the Spirit, when you have the Holy Spirit dwelling inside of you. More on this in the Tips Section, but this is very serious and is not in no means to be played with.

Today, people are playing with witchcraft, like it’s no big deal, and they have no idea, the evil they are inviting in their lives, and the danger that is awaiting them, if they don’t repent, and turn their lives around immediately!!

Some of the people in witchcraft are the Illuminati, people using the evil/all seeing eye, FreeMasons, Hinduism, Santeria, Pharmaceutical Industry, Hollywood, The Music Industry, this list goes on and on, and on. Most people are lured in for the money, power and fame. And unfortunately people target and victimize other people, to get what they want.

Witchcraft can kill, and oftentimes this is required in order for whatever evil they are doing to work, this is called sacrifice. Witchcraft can also cause sickness and disease, cause mental breakdowns, telepathy, reading of minds, hypnosis, spells, chaos, create weather conditions, create accidents, give someone extreme power, and even get riches. This is all the power of Satan.

Based off this, some of you would think is so inviting, and once someone knows how to do it, it’s extremely irresistible to turn down. But the Evil that comes from partaking in this Evil, is something you can’t ever run from. Not to mention the Damnation from God, which is an eternity in Hell. Just for a few moments of what you thought was pleasure here on earth???

Satan is a deceiver, there is nothing for free. And he hates you. It gives him great pleasure to know, you will be spending eternity with him hell, if you align yourself with him. Misery loves company!!

The Witchcraft and the Science works hand in hand. The Science comes in so many ways, from the cell phones, the 5G network, the internet, social media, the computers, the cell towers, electromagnetic waves, radio and radiation wave frequencies, the bank cards, the chips in bank cards. CERN and DARPA are playing major roles in going against the principles in the Word Of God. Just things they have made known to the public are of great concern to this Nation as a whole. Even Scientist Stephen Hawking who was an atheist said the god particle at CERN could destroy the Universe. What are they doing, playing with God?

Have you noticed how almost everything is run through the internet?? What happens when the internet goes down?? Everything will be chaotic and in disarray.

Do you think this is just a coincidence?? Because so many people are so focused on the science, the artificial intelligence, they are bewitched from looking into the full picture, their only taking glances and focusing on what is in front of them. And the power of distraction, is disabling the world as we know it. The more Satan can distract you, the more evil he can do behind the scenes, without you even knowing what is going on, and by time you realize what happened, Satan’s on a whole other project.  Let me show you something recently that occurred around the world that was prophesied Biblically in Revelation chapter 13.

Revelation speaks of the dragon giving the beast power and the beast had a deadly wound and would reign 42 months over all kindreds, tongues, and nations. And after 42 months his deadly wound would heal and another beast would arise exercising all the power of the first beast.

The beast represents evil demonic power. When you look at 42 months divided by 12, you get 3.5 years. Recently, what evil was throughout the whole world killing at a very rapid rate?? If you haven’t answered yet, let me tell you, COVID-19. It first was detected in Wuhan, China in December 2019, killing and making the whole world sick, at a very rapid pace. The vaccine came out, making it mandatory for people to take the shot and wear a mask. April 2023, the state of Ca, ended its mandate for shots and wearing a Mask. When you do the math that is just around 3.5 years.

What’s interesting, ( These are facts not opinions) a gentleman Kobe Bryant was suing, because he was using his trademark Black Mamba, was also a big investor in the Fentanyl drug, that has killed hundreds of thousands of people due to addition and overdose, got arrested and sentenced to federal prison on January 23, 2020, and three days later, Kobe Bryant, of whom I admired greatly, his beautiful daughter, and 7 other people died in a helicopter crash, where there was nothing wrong with the helicopter or the pilot.

What’s interesting is the fact that this person that Kobe sued was part of the pharmaceutical industry, as well as Edward Jenner who invented the vaccine close to two centuries ago died on January 26, 1823.

What’s also interesting is not long after the death of Kobe, the Coronavirus hit at an extreme rapid pace, which ultimately led to the vaccines.

All I’m doing is putting the information out there, you are responsible for putting it together.

Now, what is the other beast that has come after the first beast, now that the first beast deadly wound has healed??

Well, what else has happened in April 2023??

The founder of Cash App was murdered in San Francisco. And just a couple of days later, the government brought out the app called Fed Now.

Was that a coincidence??
Just know that in witchcraft, sacrifices are always used to gain power.

Then I heard an interview, that in a move to stop inflation, there will be certain things in place that will make people spend money, and also make people save money. It won’t matter how much money you have in the bank, they can cause it to be useless.

As soon as I heard it, the Holy Spirit reminded me of Revelation 13:16-17, where it says it doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor, free or bond, if you don’t receive the mark, you won’t be able to buy or sell.

These things are happening right before our eyes. Be watchful, if you don’t have Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, I encourage and plead with you, do the prayer of Salvation found under forgiveness and Salvation.