THE BEAST SYSTEM (You must know this)

There is no doubt we are in the last days of life as we know it. The majority of people today have no idea what is going on around them. They know that things are different, and becoming more and more evil, but a lot of them are extremely bewitched, beguiled, and to put it plainly, if it’s not a benefit to them in some way, they truly don’t care.

The problem is, Satan uses all of this to HIS benefit. He is working maliciously behind the scenes around the clock day and night to take out mankind. Because he promises power, riches, and glory to people that align themselves to him, they are snared in their own greed, deceit, and evil.

It’s important you read Romans 1:17-32, regarding the State the World is in Now.

Manifesting has been a popular thing to do over the years, and many people have gained great success and riches by it. The problem is, they glorify the treasures instead of the Treasurer, which is Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

And because of the results of the success, they looked at the mechanics behind it, instead of our God, which has the power to give and the power to take away. Since the Love of money is the root to all evil, ( 1 Timothy 6:10 )this is where Satan formulates his playground.

He has deceived and distracted many into believing the main reason to life is to become financially successful, and have the things that only money can buy, the houses, cars, clothes, jewelry, and whatever else. And because of this, the hunger to find and seek out the True Living God which is Jesus Christ, has been replaced by seeking the god of this world, which is Satan and money, fame, and power.

And because of this deception, there are many people, who are in power, who are truly tremendously evil, and will do anything to maintain their position of power, and will do even more to increase it.

The powers that be, many practice witchcraft, work in rebellion, which is  against the word of God, and in the dispensation we are now in, the beast system is at work already. Every time you purchase anything, it is being tracked, anything you watch on social media is being tracked and monitored, every site you pull up online is being tracked and monitored. This has been going on for quite some time now. Everyone knew about it, but they just figured it was for advertising purposes.

In reality, the Powers that be were studying you, your likes, dislikes, your friends, your family, your character, your political stands, your religious stands, anything and everything they could get and pull from you. But why??

Well if you have a real enemy, he won’t attack if he’s smart until he learns you, learns your behavior, learns your weaknesses and strengths, then, when he feels his homework is done, he attacks.

That’s what the beast system is doing. As of right now, that system is already in play. With a push of a button, the powers that be, can do this to the majority of people on earth, with the press of a button, can tell you everything about yourself.

They call it, ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. But if you really understand what is going on, you will know, that is extreme bewitchment. What does Artificial really mean?? Made or produced by human beings, not existing naturally…….. What are some similar words for Artificial??? Insincere, false, affected, pretended, exaggerated.

What am I saying?? There is a definite bigger power at play here. His name is Satan, and he is playing you behind the scenes.

The American dollar is diminishing by the minute, or maybe even by the time you are reading this, has diminished, purchasing now is digital, tracked, controlled.

In the Bible, God has pre warned us about these times. In Revelation 13:16-18, God speaks about the mark of the beast. The mark is 666, either on your right arm or on your forehead. This could be anything resembling the mark, including the pyramid or triangle, or even a chip or any other mark being used for that purpose. And this could be directly or indirectly, which means it’s there but you can’t see it. And trust me, you can’t fool God!! No one will be able to buy or sell without having the mark. But God ABSOLUTELY FORBIDS IT!!! You will go straight to hell if you get this mark. Revelation 14:11

When the time comes and there is no other choice, understand and know God will provide. And you Must be obedient to his word, and he will always be there, every step of the way, through every trial and tribulation. Matthew 28:20.