treasured/targeted individuals & gangstalking

What is a Treasured or Targeted Individual? As I write this, there are many, many people being tormented and abused at the hands of wicked abusive people practicing witchcraft through science. They might cover it up and call it something else, but at the end of the day it’s still witchcraft, Because rebellion is as a sin of witchcraft.

You might ask, how are they tormented and abused?? Very subtly.
There is a program out, that has been in place for many, many years, where they use human beings as Guinea pigs. Many Treasured Individuals have complained about many abuses, including but not limited to the following, burning sensations, itching sensations, major headaches, short term memory loss, V2K which is someone literally speaking in their head, attacks to the heart, sucking sensations as if your body is being depleted of bodily fluids, burning eye sensation, foul smell sensation, forced sleepiness sensation, or sleep deprivation, crooked neck sensation, writing sensation on your body, and so much more indescribable evil.
These victims are sabotaged and victimized in all areas of their lives.  Imagine having your mind read and scanned through cell phones and computers by hundreds, even thousands of people while you are minding your own business, going about your day. And to make matters worse, they act as if nothing is happening, refusing to admit anything. This sophisticated invasion of privacy goes to the extent that major businesses even use it as an experiment against you, getting paid to keep quiet. And the moment you try to expose it, they accuse you of being delusional. How would that make you feel? So why would someone do this to another person?

For those who are unaware, the level of sophistication in this technology has already been proven. Just look up the work of John Norseen and his mind-reading article from back in 2000, funded by the Pentagon. Interestingly, after 2002, his work is rarely mentioned. This is because of the wickedness that is currently occurring, funded by the government and powerful, silent corporations.

Always remember that anyone can be a target of this invasive technology for no reason other than the intent of those behind it. And the majority of their intentions are diabolical and spiritually connected. They even resort to practicing witchcraft on the targeted individuals. If you do not have Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior and do not engage in spiritual warfare against this evil, you will be extremely vulnerable to their wickedness.

It is crucial to stay far away from this evil. Do not open Pandora’s box, as it will never bring you any benefit, even if you are offered a monetary reward. It will ultimately bring you much sorrow.

If you have been entangled in this evil, I urge you to repent immediately. Visit the forgiveness and salvation tab for guidance.
Everything I’ve named is not by research, but by experience. And though I will teach you how to overcome these things, it’s important to know that many people are experiencing these things around the world.
When you ask who is behind this evil, it is not like you can say, we’ll, let me take you to the people who are doing this…..these are highly intelligent, trained, corrupt individuals, that are secretly involved in the most nefarious wickedness known to man. And as I have done extensive research on who the wicked criminals are, all information has been leading to our federal government.
The problem is, they will do anything in their power to make you think the wickedness is being done elsewhere. But unfortunately, this is coming from crooked government officials, between the CIA, DHS, and FBI. And though there are many, who are not corrupt, unfortunately this evil has infiltrated our government and country, and has gone on to affect the entire world.


What is gangstalking? Are you being gangstalked? Are you a gangstalker?
Gangstalking is a collaborative effort of corrupt individuals who plot and do evil to innocent people, based off the cruel intentive behavior and collaboration of corrupt FBI, DHS, CIA and corrupt financially secure corporations. They also collaborate with secret societies, Hollywood, blue collar workers, and anyone else willing to push their integrity aside to do evil for a dollar. They are aligned with evil nefarious satanist groups targeting people they cannot bewitch, or psychologically control. They really go after Christians, because Biblically Christians are the only group that can stop them spiritually.
They practice witchcraft on this group of people, trying isolate them from the outside public. They try and destroy marriages, relationships with family and friends. They sabotage the workplace and environment. They try and control your finances, they try and deplete the victim of any resources he or she may have. They manifest and monitor the victims every move.
Some of the victims suffer from V2K, which means, they accessed a way to speak to the victims, through the experimental science and dark magic. They same experimental science used by the government in the Iraqi War. When they speak to the victims, they do everything in their power, to insult, and speak down to the individual, to keep him or her at what the call a low vibrational mood aka low self esteem. And that’s when they really attack and practice their voodoo and dark magic. There are different sounds and frequencies at play as well, which is to get a signal directly through the person’s mind, or head and have whoever is nearby within range of the signal, get access to the person’s mind.
They stalk the people they have on there signal, via cell phone, or car frequency. Once they have a very strong signal, they are able to access the person’s mind, and extreme attacks happen to the individual they are targeting, physically and psychologically. And because the attack is invisible, it is very easy to dismiss this wickedness, as something else. Other people who have graduated to a higher bracket on the pyramid, may be a full blown witch, warlock, wizard, or sorcerer. In that case, they may use the powers they have gathered from others in what’s called a coven or hive, to attack the individual at an even worse level.
They have called this wickedness, energy weapons, but there is a lot more going on, as you have read, which had me to do a lot more research. In which I have concluded, in witchcraft, there many similarities, and if you incorporate the science behind it, you have a very powerful, evil, invisible weapon.
Some have termed this evil as the Havana Syndrome, because of how so many US Diplomats were attacked in Cuba at that time in 2016 about 30 all at once. But when you estimate the number of people affected today across the world, it would be extremely unfair to term this evil the Havana Syndrome, when so many countries are affected outside of Cuba. And all are going through extremely similar cases.
What else is at play is the powers that be,  don’t want you to know that when you play with dark magic, voodoo, and other evil equal to witchcraft, you are giving Satan permission to do the same thing to you. And because you don’t want him doing this evil to you, he will put you in a form of blackmail, to lock you in, and have you continue doing evil. And the only way out, is completely surrendering yourself over to Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.